Cleangrad receives “Zero Accidents” award from Janssen Biologics BV

Work and Health Safety is an important success factor in the work of Cleangrad. All project activities are therefore aligned next to high-end quality results on Work Health and Safety of employees. The project teams of Cleangrad are frequently trained to avoid accidents or to minimize their consequences and effects.

Cleangrad handles projects from numerous international pharmaceutical companies. In 2015 this included the Janssen Biologics BV, which was supported by 2 Cleangrad teams with a total of 10 technicians, working for overall more than 11,500 hours at the construction site.

In recognition of an accident-free project period, Janssen Biologics BV granted Cleangrad an award in recognition of its quality and safety at work.

Cleangrad is aware of the value of this recognition and will continue to invest energy and resources in the education and training of employees.

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